Clean Tanks Provide the Best Environment for Clean Fuel

We are Alaska Clean Tanks, a Fairbanks owned and operated company established in 2013. We provide an essential and necessary fuel tank cleaning service to address costly and damaging effects of water, oxidation, sludge and debris in residential and commercial fuel oil storage tanks. The right conditions for promoting microbial growth in fuel is the presence of water which can be caused by condensation due to extreme temperature swings and rain or snow melt getting in through fill and vent openings. Since water is heavier than fuel, it collects and is trapped at the bottom of tank and becomes a home for microbial growth that lives in water and feeds off the diesel fuel. Microorganisms multiply, create their own waste and then die; the result is sludge that collects on the bottom of the tank along with fine particles of iron and rust caused by the condensation. Over time, this will cause a caustic and corroding effect in the tank bottom and the clogging of filters, fuel injectors, and burner problems. Clogged filters and poor fuel quality can cause emergency generators and heating systems to fail when needed most.

What’s in Your Tank?