Residential Fuel Tank Cleaning

Residential heating oil tanks is where Alaska Clean Tanks got its beginning.

Maintaining a warm home for your family is important and you want your heating system to be reliable, efficient, and economical. We understand that. Important as it is to have annual maintenance performed on your boiler by a furnace repair company, it may be time to consider having your heating oil tank inspected and cleaned. This is especially important if your tank is more than 15 years old.

Are you replacing your old heating system with a new efficient boiler? This is a great time to discuss with your installer about having your tank cleaned and inspected before installation of new boiler or furnace. Clean Tanks will provide the Best Environment for Reliable and Efficient Heating Oil.

Features and benefits:

  1. All measurable water is first removed
  2. All fuel is then removed from tank, cleaned, polished and stored in our 1000 gallon stainless steel tank while your tank is cleaned
  3. With your storage tank empty,  all interior surfaces are now exposed for thorough cleaning.
  4. Using a minimal amount of diesel fuel as the cleaning agent; a specially engineered cleaning head is lowered into tank that will rotate in a precise, repeatable and reliable 360 degree high impact spray pattern loosening 100% of sludge, dirt, oxidation and water ensuring entire tank interior is cleaned
  5. During tank cleaning, all contaminants are vacuumed out of tank and captured in socks and filters for disposal, returning clean fuel to spray head for continued cleaning.
  6. Once tank has been cleaned and inspected , all fuel that was remove from tank will be returned to your clean tank.