Tank Tightness & Line Testing

In 2017, we were determined to become your  complete fuel oil tank service company. We understood that with the right soil conditions, the lack of maintenance that underground fuel storage tanks require, the temperature fluxuations as well as water contamination inside the fuel tanks due to condensation and loose connections on tank resulted in considerable rust and sludge buildup was causing tank deterioration inside the tank. With all that said, tanks rust through from both the outside as well as the inside. 

We purchaced a Mesa 2-D Sonde system which is a Volumetric Digital Tank Test System to test the integrity of below ground tanks and there fuel lines as well ass above ground fuel tanks. There is no other way to acquately determine the tightness of an underground tank. We are pleased with the results we find from this system and have been able to locate a host of potential issues that could not have been known before the test.

We are able to test tanks upto 30,000 gallon.