How it Works


Oil is the primary source of heat for homes and business in Fairbanks and the surrounding areas. Getting the best efficiency from your furnace requires regular cleaning.
Your burner will run smoother & more efficiently with regular maintenance, changing the oil filter is key. During tune-ups it is not unusual to find the oil filter dirty.
But why are the filters so black ? It’s filled with sludge and debris. What is in the tank, and how did it get there and how do I get it out?

....flakes off and begins to collect at the bottom of the tank along with water and the natural occurring organic matter (sludge) as well as other foreign matter i.e. rocks, grass and etc. It's normalto do an annual cleaning, but for our furnaces to operate efficiently, they need to have clean pure fuel, something that's not thought about until there is a problem.

“Fuel tank cleaning is part of a responsible maintenance program”